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December 11, 2008
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Po's Prank Call- FINAL by Kobb Po's Prank Call- FINAL by Kobb
This last assignment will double as my final for my character animation class... best class ever. :D

EDIT: Done (as it'll ever be) at last! I still would have preferred to draw some more inbetweens, particularly for the ending, but I have one last project and had to make sure I'd have enough time for it, too. And Tigress bothered to show up this time!

The clip is from a Brian Regan routine, and the speaking character is (of course) Po from Kung Fu Panda. When I heard the sound he was the first character to come to mind.

And for any of you who can't get the file to work, try this Youtube link --> [link]
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SykoZombieChick Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
Love the look tigress gives him :D
ChaosTheSheWolf Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Stolen-Wings Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! HAHAHA~!
Warriorfanatic99 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
I love the one on the link. xD

"It's not!?"
Sexy-Sky Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I really enjoy how fluid the movement is between frames, even though this is just in the rough pencil stage.

Beautifully portrayed expressions and voice too!

Just such a wonderful animation. C:>
Dead-R0se Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Wow I was blown away!! The depth in that short segment was outstanding!
*instant fave*

Any tips for an amateur? I'm trying to train my eyes to animate mass instead of, well, just doing inbetweens/keying, but my proportions always seem wrong if I don't key or do really tight inbtwns but that looses the character somewhere in the shapes. Tips? :D
Kobb Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply on this one - didn't have a quick answer at first and I let it get buried in my inbox.

One of the things I learned in one of my classes (which the teacher learned from Glen Keane when she was in school) was to ditch the light table except when you need it for close inbetweens... if you're working on paper, that is. Learn to roll the pages so you can start to picture the thing moving in space and put the parts where they need to go. It does take practice, and I'd advise starting with simple things at first, but it really does help keep you from just tracing shapes and thereby flattening the thing you're animating.

If you have any other questions (or if I wan't clear enough here, which is pretty likely), feel free to ask. I finally cleaned out my inbox so it shouldn't take 3 months to get a reply this time. X)
Dead-R0se Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010  Student Digital Artist
thank you so, and ha, that was a long wait but worth it

Do you have any tips on digital animation? just any.. also, do you know what is the right way to end a shot? Because whenever I finish animating a certain thing I realize the ending is sort of awkward/stiff.
Kobb Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
Digital, like Flash? Probably on the same note, I'd advise not to rely too heavily on any onion-skinning features. They're definitely useful, but not as a crutch.

Also, here's a pretty inspiring video I like to watch of someone doing a realtime Flash animation demo: [link] Traditional style, aw yeah!

As for scene/shot endings, there probably isn't a single answer that would cover all situations. When you animate, it's best to doodle out some thumbnails of what you think you want to do beforehand. Work out in quick format the little quirks and expressions, and here is probably where you'd figure out your ending - before you even start! Would it be appropriate for the character to stare blankly into the camera? For him to look at his feet in shame or stare dreamily into space? It all has to do with getting in his head and figuring out what he's thinking, and then have him react to what just happened in a way that makes sense.
Dead-R0se Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Ah, thanks. I use Photoshop but that helps anyway.

Yes, I do make little storyboards of a dozen scenes and then animate. I wouldn't imagine why not, so XD All that advice is very helpful actually, thank you so much. Sorry for all the questions, but would you suggest using exaggeration in expression at ever chance you get(if needed)?
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